ANSWER “There’s many, many different herbs and they have different effects and some of those effects are good for some people and some are not good for other people. So when you’re really considering herbs, you should talk to an herbalist or a naturopathic doctor. But if you’re just interested in general herbs, Alfalfa and Oat Straw and Fennel all have anti-inflammatory, high vitamin C qualities. Those are amazing just to drink on a daily basis. They help keep your iron up. They help keep your body working well.

There’s also red raspberry leaf. I think a lot of moms really ought to take that around 20 weeks and continue a strong cup a day. And as you get closer and closer to being, due three cups a day, five cups a day, how strong do you want to make it? But if you’re thinking that you would like herbal support, you should really talk to your naturopathic doctor or your herbalist or your midwife.”