Some things to keep in mind when you have high blood pressure when you’re pregnant is obviously to take on what they’re provider, your provider instructs you to do at home. If you are on bed rest and stay strict with that bed rest, don’t try and do more than what, what you should be doing when you have high blood pressure, especially if the other he have other children you have to take care of, try to, to resource other people that can help you within the home or outside of your home family, friends to keep that blood pressure down. If you are trying to have a natural birth, it is more difficult when you do have high blood pressure and in the hospital if you’re laboring, Usually when you have magnesium going, if you need that at, with the high blood pressure, it is more difficult to have a natural birth because you can’t move around. You have to stay in the bed. So you might want to take on more labor positions or read up on labor positions while laying in the bed. Whether it’s sideline, like up, going to the other side, side line with your leg up, those things you could do with magnesium running. Don’t be discouraged that you cannot have a vaginal delivery because you have high blood pressure because you have magnesium running. It is absolutely for sure. You can have a vaginal delivery if you have high blood pressure. If you have bank magnesium running when you have high blood pressure.