ANSWER “What to expect in a labor room when you enter. It is going to be a labor bed, is going to be a warmer for babies, some respiratory supplies for babies and respiratory supplies for Mom. A fetal monitor, sometimes a chair, even a pullout bed for dad to sleep in. A personal bathroom for you and family members to use. Sometimes depending on the hospital, sometimes they don’t recommend you using the patient’s bathroom. Sometimes you have to use the visitor bathroom outside of the room.

So the warmer is where the baby is placed in some point after delivery. It is a good place for providers to assess baby. There’s lighting, it’s warmed to give, to give, to keep babies temperature at a normal level. We don’t like babies temperatures to drop because then it stresses baby out. So there’s things to help baby in the warmer. There are sometimes the drawers underneath for supplies that the providers may need.

The labor bed in the rooms is a lot of times broken down for delivery. So you might see pedals or, or, stirrups underneath the bed. Usually, these beds are uncomfortable because they do break out, break down for delivery. So you’ll see a, a fetal monitor in the room next to the bed along with computer screen, sometimes one, sometimes two screens. And that’s the for the nurses to chart on and also see their baby monitoring on the, on the computer screen or what we call fetal surveillance.”