Mommycon’s Expectations 

When you come to mommy con the first thing to expect is to be surrounded by a community of very enthusiastic families. We’re not just for moms. We’re for dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. We even get nannies that attend the event. What’s important for us is providing an environment where everyone truly feels welcome. So whether you’re just thinking of having a family and has heard about baby wearing, or you’d really like to breastfeed, but don’t know if you have the resources to do so. We’ll connect you with them in person. At the average mommy con we have 75 exhibitors that are both national brands. This was local companies. Then we have educational sessions with experts from all over North America. If you’re a family that wants to attend mommy con you’ll be able to connect with local community shop from amazing companies in our exhibitor hall, attended credible sessions. Then we end the day with phenomenal giveaway.