What herbs are safe to take while pregnant

“It particularly depends on you. It also depends on the herbs. Herbs are regulated and fortunately, most people think they are not by the FDA and what they contain and they have to be labeled properly. Some herbs are contaminated, but there are some simple herbs that are food herbs, like oats, chamomile that can be calming for morning sickness or a upset stomach, just to cause a calm, nervous mom. There are certain herbs that you cannot take during pregnancy because they work as abortifacients

And, that can be devastating for some moms who especially have tried very hard to get pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy. There are some that are foods. You can usually eat those in food amounts like spices and that type of thing, but not just go on your own intake herbs, start with your food-based herbs, then consult with your care provider, a midwife or a clinical herbalist with your foods and your herbs so that you can get the best outcomes during pregnancy and or breastfeeding with those herbs.”