ANSWER:Ah maternal fetal medicine, the science of obstetrics. I’m going to say maternal fetal medicine; The common description is the high risk doctor, but the maternal fetal medicine aspects is really appreciate the maternal fetal unit, the interaction between that, the pathophysiology, the hemodynamics, a mother’s impacted, what she ingest on the baby’s development and growth. The beauty of maternal field medicine is that you truly try to manage both entities as patients. What we used to say in the fellowship was that fetus as patient. And so there are things that can be done for the fetus, like in the case of Rh isoimmunization and anemia where you can transfuse the baby to bring the blood up to continue the pregnancy. And there are things that can be done in a mother. She may have some, some, hematologic problems that need to be addressed.

So these two units are, felt to be necessary for both to move forward. But that maternal fetal dynamic is, what makes maternal field of medicine. And, as a sub-specialist of obstetrics, we spent a lot of time and look at the science behind that. And that’s why with maternal fetal medicine you can say breach birth, can that be supportive? Vaginal birth after cesarean, can that be supported? moms with diabetes going over your due date, looking at amniotic fluid being low. So you try to look at it from a physiologic hemodynamic scientific perspective instead of one of fear.”