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Dr. Susan Lanni, MD

Dr. Susan Lanni, MD
My clinical expertise is focused on maternal medical disease in pregnancy, as well as a range of pregnancy and fetal conditions complicating pregnancy such as preterm labor, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and phenotypic, chromosomal anomalies, and genetic syndromes involving coordination of care with pediatric specialty services. I have had the "once in a lifetime" opportunity to lead a team of physicians in the care and delivery of a sextuplet pregnancy, receiving world-wide recognition for profound success in the process. Additionally, I serve as a consultant for high risk pregnancy to both the general obgyn division as well as the midwifery practice, and have been praised by the "natural birth" community for allowing a high risk condition, when appropriate, to not impact on a patient's desire for a low intervention delivery. In addition to the above skills, I have obtained additional training in Point of Care Ultrasound (FAST scanning, pleural and cardiac ultrasound, DVT ultrasound, basic echocardiography and thoracic ultrasound. I have been recruited by the school of medicine to instruct both M1 and M2 students in the simulation center in the longitudinal ultrasound course. In addition to both obgyn and maternal fetal medicine, I have recently achieved my third board certification in Obesity Medicine by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, an NBME specialty that will be seeking ABMS specialty certification. This additional certification allows me to expand both the scope of my clinical practice academically rigorous practice patterns to include weight reduction counseling, use of medications for weight loss and the prescription of diet and exercise to promote physical well being. Review and evaluation of maternal mortality has become a focus of my career. Early on, I was selected to participate in regional infant mortality review, which upon dissolution of the team (funding redistribution by VDH) had lead to my appointment to the Commonwealth's maternal mortality review team. This illustrious group encompasses experts from a multitude of disciplines such as substance abuse, psychiatry, domestic violence, VDH women's and children's services, emergency department physicians, medical examiners, law enforcement, midwifery, nursing and care coordination who are charged with evaluation of systems issues as well as patient issues that may have contributed to the death. The success of the team was noted by the CDC, and has been used as an example nationally for the development of review teams in other states. Currently, maternal mortality review is mandated by statute, and from this launch point, our goal remains to identify and remedy issues and gaps in care that may have contributed to the death. By virtue of being an integral part of the team, I have been involved with other national leaders in country-wide efforts to reduce care-based maternal morbidity, one of the leading contributors to maternal death. This has become a hallmark of my service to the community and nation at large, as well as a defining aspect of my career.

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