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Shannon Burdeshaw, CPM

Shannon Burdeshaw, CPM
Senior Certified Professional Midwife Shannon Burdeshaw is the owner of Birth at Home Delmarva, a full service, independently operated, free-standing home birth service serving New Castle County and Northern Kent County, Delaware, Southern Pennsylvania, and the Eastern Shore. Shannon is the mother of 5 and Grandmother of 2, a La Leche League leader, and is respected by maternity care professionals throughout Delaware for her impact on homebirth midwifery licensing and legislation. Shannon has practiced midwifery – and worked towards positive maternity legislation – for over 20 years in Alabama, Colorado, and Delaware. In June of 2016, Shannon “un-retired” from Midwifery so that she could begin to serve Delaware families, build upon the Delaware birth community, and help train the next generation of Midwives. Shannon is an active Board Member of the State Midwifery Advisory Council, a preceptor to two student midwives, and a staunch supporter of out-of-hospital VBACs, which she will continue to fight for on behalf of Delaware families. Shannon’s philosophy as a maternity care provider is that, “for most women, pregnancy is a time of growth and major change. We believe that the births of our children are some of the most important and special events in our lives. Our purpose as midwives is to encourage, facilitate, and share with couples the process of implementing their wishes for a safe and pleasant birth experience. The concepts of informed consent and shared decision making are central to this philosophy. We also believe that childbirth is a natural, normal, blessed event. It is a great privilege to attend someone during the birth process.”
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